Wednesday, October 26, 2005


  • learnt that pouring hot water in a PET bottle distorts it irreversibly. now it looks like its been molested!
  • NDTV still sucks. "Live" reporter bugs passenger about cancelled train. "why did you want to go to bangalore?", he asks, "any urgent work?" his luck, he didnt ask me that...
  • weather is pleasant, the low pressure has given chennai the rains it so much deserved. chennai never looked so good. sad, other places are being ravaged.
  • office building is one of the tallest in this area. can see greenery all around! Posted by Picasa


  1. hmmm...must've been REALLY hot water, aye?
    I thought people in Chennai were hating the rains..??:-)

  2. bet it was hot! poured more into it just for kicks ;-)

    as for rains, i think people here now suffer from hydrophobia. havnt seen rain in ages, it scares the shit out of them :p