Wednesday, January 02, 2008

to scrap all your friends at once... click here

to my fellow "orkutters" who were on the receiving end of these software bots on orkut, let lose on them by friends/acquaintances/remotely distant contacts/products of forced amnesia.

wishing on an occasion couldnt get any more impersonal. paper cards gave way to ecards. people said if you cant sign it how is it personal? turn in your graves purists! mass scraping is here. so you now are greeted by blokes from school whom you wished you never met ever again in their lifetime (but accept their "friend invite" just to be polite). pleasantly surprised to hear from them? yeah, right!

so you pick one of these codes put in your greetings and lo & behold! you just sent your wishes to everyone. including the ones you didnt know existed on your list. as dubya would say, "which is a good thing!" you are spreading smiles across the world (under breaths of frustrated groans) but thats so impersonal. and bots, as they are meant to be, become more intelligent (but smarter? naah. they have limits you see) they now pick your first name and you have a "personalised" greeting. what does it make of those who use nicknames or for someone like AFKAP? ;)

Seasons' Greetings everyone!


  1. :P
    affected by deleSCRAPomania (forerver 0 scrap mode), its rather akward for me to delete these unwanted scraps without replying... its easy for anyone to figure out that i havent responded! :P

  2. I get my valet to write all my Christmas messages. He's a chimpanzee.