Friday, January 28, 2005


wonder if anyone finds it fun to watch people. by that i mean, to see them behave in a certian way. why do they do things the way they do it, and the situation that makes them do it in the first place! of course, when one starts observing so much of it around, you come under your own microscope.... wont take time falling prey to it!!

i wonder if you are still with me! transactional behaviour - thats what i think its called. the different 'roles' people take up when they deal with the diaspora of other people that they come across everyday. the adult-parent-child behaviour. thats what its called i guess. (never quite took it seriously back in school!) why all this shit load you say? oh something rather non-descript crept up today.... was just observing the way my client was speaking to his boss vis-a-vis he would normally speak with the rest of us (i know, the 'rest of us' can be further categorized).

i agree, its pretty natural to behave so, just that i felt like disecting the observation....

Sunday, January 09, 2005

at the threshold

getting started with this blogspace was one thing. putting in some content - a wholly different ball game.

just need the right opportunity to pen in my views.

The Blimp sees it all.