Saturday, October 08, 2005

its the cell phone this time...

nothing personal against chinese goods (i am talking gadgets here) - i think they make them real good. the unsettling part is when someone lets them develop the software too. and they have to confess, their profeciency in English, or the lack of it, is nothing to write home about. but definitely to blog about :p finally got down to setting up GPRS on my moto A760. some of the messages i encountered in my tryst:
  • GPRS enable. Please waiting....
  • Hutch GPRS connect successfully
  • MMS message sending successfully
  • (tried deleting an unsent MMS) MMS is sending... (it never did let me delete that message!)
  • GPRS disable. Please waiting....

i will hunting more messages. Please waiting....


  1. Hilarious!!
    U hav a knack for bringing out this aspect in ppl and things, it seems :P

  2. he hee... i guess the sarcasm never dies :p

    but i just changed onto an A780, and so far, its given me no reason to crib :D