Monday, February 01, 2010


so it seems someone was chasing ms. nooriya and she panicked. both case and reaction bought. and one would be compelled to believe that the prospect of a police jeep presenting itself under such cases would be, at best a welcome sight? and given the plight one would also eagerly look forward to a tete`-a-tete´ with the law? she was probably told, if you run into a cop, he will help you. but did she have to take that advice to the T!? even a sloth would, given the requisite hours to mull over the thought, agree that wouldn't be the best way to get their attention. well, it did get their attention but i would wager, in not a pleasant fashion. am sure however, whoever was chasing her, no longer was.

would like to know if mr. khan would come to help this damsel in distress. he's been there, done that and all that huh?