Friday, October 21, 2005

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November 30, 2004

did something different yesterday. left office a bit early - like 6.00 pm.... i know... sacrilege! :) promise not to do that again!

anyways, went to see Hulchul. i suggest you guys go for it too, in case you already havnt! on the lines of Hera Pheri.... total madness! i think in all its got abt 15mins of seriousness.

then hit the local restaurant for a late night dinner. we were pleasantly surprised to be served 'complimentary' sweet when we were just about done. i really had the looneyness to ask the waiter "why the show of magnanimity!?". he was only too kind to oblige..... he said something that meant little short of 'leftovers'. 'remaining' was the closest english word he could muster. '3hours stay. 2 hours over...... later spoil' me and my inquisitiveness! wonder how many hours had passed his 2 hours!!

if you hear from me tomorrow, you'll know i've survived the 'remaining'.

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  1. Hey i watched hulchul too...quite a riot! :)

    hehe am guessing you survived all right...and here's to more 'remainings'?