Thursday, July 15, 2010

why i love Jewel-Osco

a recent incident at Jewel-Osco that would make mr. stein wish he had more of us around to just up the common sense ante

decided that all i wanted was a body wash - one does find these things handy ever so often eh? so off i go to JO to get one. it says $5.79 but with the JO loyalty card its for $3.99. rummy. unfortunately the thingamajig at the cashier's does not know the store manager is selling this for a discount. the cashier concurs what the computer insists i ought to pay for it - $5.79.

me: but its a sale item. it says on the shelf (50 feet away) that its for $3.99
salesman: well, my computer says $5.79
me: can you have someone check the shelf?
s: (punches into the help phone and then a long pause)
me: well?
s: system still says $5.79
me: (so all you did was... eh what?)
s: since i do not see the sale price here, you can take this for free
me: eh!?
s: yeah, its free
me: but am telling you its $3.99. and i am paying you $3.99 for this one! just go and check the shelf (hasn't moved, still a 50 feet away)
s: sorry, can't do that. if you want it, you have to take it for free
me: hmm... thanks then :)

my goal at JO - find sale items that their system doesn't know of :)