Tuesday, October 04, 2005

neighbour's envy

watching a movie could make you feel relaxed at times. but this was not one of those times. chanced upon "My Wife's Murder". did not have the faintest clue about the flick. that it was a hindi movie was an amusing revelation. that it was a ram gopal varma film did nothing to influence an urge to watch it. but feeling of not wanting to do anything was enough to get me going.

first things first. why such a title!? no one-difficult-hindi-word-with-an-english-explanation names? secondly, looks like suchitra krishnamurthy is on a comeback into showbiz. pity such a pretty face was chucked out so early in the movie. that sure sent my enthusiasm on a tailspin. i also started hating onida boxes. but i wonder where they get them made... pretty tough. they dont rip even when you pull them with dead bodies in! not a very good sales pitch that :-p

verdict - but for the onida box, quite indifferent.


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