Tuesday, August 16, 2005


watching this documentary on NatGeo about hidden amazon tribes. (for once i am watching something informational!) there's this tribe zoha or something that rhymes that way who are kind of close to nature. i mean in every sense of it. naturists, every one of them. male, female included.

woman making a nice headgear from a local bird's soft white feathers. now here's the commentator's interpretation: that is the way the women distinguish themselves from the men. eh? bunch of skinny dippers need to distinguish between the genders through apparel accessories!?

but there was one little thing that caught my attention (no pun intended here!) if the tribe, in its hunt, manages to find an animal/bird that managed to survive their hunting expedition, then catches the creature and makes it their pet! yes, they dont eat it. its brethern are ingested but not the survivor! pet monkey wearing a tiny necklace made of another monkey's teeth. how comforting for this pet!

ok. now i get back to the show. really interesting this channel :) pity its on paid access in chennai.


  1. Anonymous2:10 AM

    Great post, you really have a knack for writing. Please keep up the good work. Believe it or not, people like me DO read these things!
    Sam Freedom the coolest guy on the planet

  2. Sir jee...

    Though I find your commentary about a certain tribe quite interesting and er..kinda...scary, I wonder what quite hooked you on to tribal history!!

    I would rather watch the free to air Zee Music than watch the tribe making neclaces out of monkey teeth!!!!

  3. anon 1 & anon 2, thanks for the comments :-) most flattering :-D

    vinay sirji, back in chennai thats the only thing that one can watch. its just a different breed of apes :-) btw, did i forget to mention.... they used monkey skulls for vessels and monkey bones as laddles!?

    now i wonder where lector hannibal got his ideas from!!