Tuesday, August 23, 2005

dont rub it in, scrub it out!

is it so difficult for us to look at pakistanis as just neighbouring countrymen!? is it a dictum somewhere that if we speak of or to a pakistani the issue of border dispute and war has to be brought up? there might be scores of examples pointing the other way (and am glad there are!!) but my eyes fell on some idotic posts and has had me peeved to the level of disgust.

just sample this discussion forum (link will open in new window). it is supposed to be a harmless thread talking about indian cars and how much a pakistani chap likes the designs... this chap 'kavs' as he goes by, has to underscore the rift between the two countries! i admire the pakistani chap for not playing along and changing the course of the thread :) thankfully, one of them is sane :p


  1. Hiya Pradeep, howz life at the US?
    I have interacted with the lunatic fringe on both sides. I seriously believe in the 80:20 Rule.
    Whilst 80% ppl are sane the rest are definitely not.
    The former work, and the latter shirk.
    Life goes on.
    C'est la vie, mon cher.

    You did not comment on Ronnie...


  2. Read the comments on that site...
    Must say...its worth a read...

    good findings !!