Tuesday, July 19, 2005


got tagged by pranav. here goes... :)

Three names I go by:
1) Pradeep
2) Prads (all college friends)
3) Peep (Family)

Three Screen Names:
1) wooster
2) roark
3) code

Three things I like about myself:
1) being practical
2) determined
3) sarcasm

Three things I don't like about myself:
1) fickle-minded
2) lack of sensitivity
3) lazy to the bone

Three things that scare me:
1) narrow passages
2) metal door handles and taps (extremely prone to static!!)
3) my temper

Three essentials:
1) freedom
2) space
3) a convertible car

Three things I like in the opposite sex:
1) their eyes... oh my!! ;;)
2) that soothing voice
3) their ability to understand you amidst all the incoherent talk

Three things that I want to do badly now:
1) fly
2) swim
3) sleep

Three careers I am considering right now:
1) IT Consultant
2) photographer
3) deep sea diver

Three places I'd love to go on vacation:
1) switzerland
2) andamans
3) kerala backwaters

Three kids' names I like (Why?):
1) dinku
2) peep :D
3) pubby :D :D

Three things to do before dying:
1) sky dive
2) become CIO of a fortune 500 company
3) walk in a rain forest

Three people who get to take this wonderful quiz (!!!):
1) still searchin'
2) vinay
3) sabita (so glad you started blogging!) :-)


  1. Excuse Moi!!!Wheres the first part of the quiz Wooster?The one abt books???

  2. were they not two different tags!? eek! books & moi!? :-/

    pileej aks pranab to clariphy!

  3. ha ha:) this was a great idea

  4. hehehe...yeah...books was a diff tag...;-)))))...sorry M...but i thot u enjoyed doing the books one more...:)
    nice knowing u woosterji!

  5. well, much as books scare me (!) i did realise that there is a formidable collection lying at home... will book-tag myself soon :p

    nice knowing you too pranav! :)

  6. pty p!! :P6:57 AM

    yeah i wish i did!!

  7. hey me needs to learn how tyo make cool bloggy pages,....