Thursday, July 14, 2005


i love taking jabs at the media. ample opps to catch them unaware :-)

there was this news piece by NDTV the other day (i target NDTV the way hackers get at microsoft)... reporter was covering a police firing on unarmed villagers in rajasthan and goes on to implicate the villagers for creating a havoc.

reporter: "it is unthinkable to even imagine..." some emphasis!

this reminds me of one more of their goof ups. it was delhi and in winter.

news reader to live reporter: "so tell me, when will the delayed flights be allowed to leave on time?" .....!? we can question the need for a live reporter some other time. :-)

of course, we can catch all their goofiness when they 'let us know they are goofy' during an end-of-the-year-laugh-your-ass-out snippet.


  1. haha damn...I never seem to catch these jewels.

    I can only catch the Hamming artist on opening moves of NDTV Profit...he repeats most of his lines twice...'the markets are going down..the MARKETS are going ddown'...or 'Steel is showing a comeback...Steeel is showing a comeback'...find it quite adorable though, the way he tries to create recall.

  2. Sabita6:45 AM

    :-) it's been a while since i watched TV, forget the news... must try n catch the snippet (didnt know there was any such thing :P)

    we want more jabs!

  3. pranav - me no understand money matters. me find NDTV Profit boring (yawn!) let me say, my sentiments are not quite bullish towards it ;)

    sabita - am kind of forced into watching these news channels. roomie hates my fav ones (i.e. pogo, animax), so i gotta sit thru this ordeal till i get to watch my shows :p & since i pay no attention to the news, this is what catches my ear :D