Saturday, June 04, 2005


in a place where no other season is known, it is misleading to say 'summer'. gives an impression that another season exists. it should be simply called weather. someone asks you 'how's the weather?' and you say, 'as ever!' mind you, you cannot say 'hot' because 'cold' would then be a possibility! consistency is the key. would take a moron some effort to flunk a match-the-pairs test and miss out with 'summer' and 'chennai' in the list!

nevertheless, "summer" (i shall use it for the knowledgeable few to relate to) in chennai, is euphemism at its kindest! furnace, 24x7 open-air sauna, barbeque city, are more realisitc terms. this is one city that holds immense business potential for fashion too. one can design a spring-summer collection and expect to sell it all the year round! no clearance sale required to bring out a change.

no other place offers you a more compelling reason to land up in office on a saturday! thank god for thermodynamics, we now have air conditioners! people of chennai can learn a new concept - winter.


  1. Sabita12:24 AM

    heheh barbeque city?! i almost catch myself saying 'u poor thing!' when i remember - u have access to a beach at midnight :-P little quirks of life :)

  2. Too good, da!!!! Loved it!!! I still remember the chat we had, me in the cosy environs of my home in blore and you in the cosy environs of ur office in chennai. :-)

  3. you have a way of putting your thoughts into paper... which makes a very interesting read... it always leaves me smiling.