Tuesday, June 07, 2005

colour ocher?

prads: colleague returned from his trip to mumbai... has coloured his hair ochre... looking like fowl
frnd: i dont even know what color ochre uis
frnd: is it the orangish looking color?
prads: something like the output of a bad tummy
frnd: aiyooo


  1. haha truly aiyooo:-)
    does he work?

  2. oops...just went back and saw he does...:-)
    i wonder how they reacted to this in the office? unless its not a techie office:-))

  3. lets say, he was/is quite a spectacle :) or an eyeful so to speak!

    it looks better when he's seated in his cubicle with just his head being seen. blends well with the office decor :)

  4. Anonymous2:51 AM

    Hahahahaha ! LOL !

    - Anurag