Thursday, June 30, 2005


had been to the Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz regional eliminations and finals today. always had bloated impressions of my quizzing skills. it is that way before every quiz and gets deflated as quickly soon after. this time it deflated with a difference. i think the quizzing standard was way under par. now i know why people like parnab mukherjee dont even raise an eyebrow at such things.

the business quizzes back in college (parnab mukherjee used to grace it) used to leave me answering as much as 3-4 qts from a boquet of 20. here i managed 8. dont think that i've added much to my corporate gyan over a year, though it has always been on my wishlist. but this performance was a morale booster of sorts. maybe i can get good at this!

i subscribe to ET everyday. its time i start reading it too.


  1. haha well, I am the sort that always answers questions when am watching a quiz, but never manages to when am participating in one...:-D

  2. ditto to that!

    there was this time when i got all the qts the other teams were asked but mine! obviously, qts never passed in that round :-)

  3. LOL!totally understand the sentiment behind the last line.i get so much "information" everday. do i even glance at it?no. but i spend hours online pfaffing around. *sigh*

  4. have been in quizzes by both parnab & giri in the past year. True... avg score in a parnab quiz is around 3/20... for giri it went as high as 17/20. parnab is great for general quizzing. somehow find his biz quizzing way too arbit.

  5. but it goes to show the sort of linking one can do across topics. being at the tables when pranab's quizzing can be quite a frustrating experience :-) i remember the time when i almost danced on getting a toughie right ;-)