Tuesday, May 29, 2007

of cyborgs and HANs

by far, the most path breaking (literally) mode of communication one might come across. data transfer over tactile terminals, built-in encryption and authentication protocols, biometric probably?

couple it with implants on the human body. a more desirable cyborg in the making? trinity would learn to fly a chopper by touching the manual. you could walk past someone and (if they forgot to secure their transmission), probably read their thoughts :) - mel gibson wouldn't have needed that hair dryer treatment... "forgetting" would be an interesting aspect too, where would the machine stop and the human kick-in... or the other way :)

what is also interesting to note, in such a scenario, is the route collective information will take. will there be a difference in tacit and common knowledge? and the plethora of ethical questions. this is merely scratching the surface...

definitely a bicentennial man :)

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