Wednesday, February 15, 2006

more bmtc...

was very impressed years back when BEST in mumbai came up with their online route search. helped a helluva lot. moving to b'lore expected the same here. haven't been much of a fan of the city, and my crib factor with BMTC only continues to grow :) yeah, BMTC does have a route search. but never realized that the "IT drenched" city of b'lore would make such a half-assed attempt at it!!

i was rather anxious to know how one could get to ITPL from the main city bus stands. here's what the site suggests...
1. if you select a place close to the centre of the city which doesnt have a direct bus, here's what you get "Reach one of three the central bus stations - Kempegowda Bus Stand /Shivajinagar Bus Stand /K R Market and then, take a connecting bus."
2. if you select the kemegowda bus stand, you are offered a couple of options which are of no good (you would reach ITPL in time for lunch). so you select shivajinagar as departure & ITPL as destination. check it out :) "Reach one of the central bus stations - Kempegowda Bus Stand / K R Market and then, take a connecting bus."
3. now select k r market and watch the fun :) "Reach one of the central bus stations - Kempegowda Bus Stand /Shivajinagar Bus Stand and then, take a connecting bus."


then again, wonder how many IT professionals in b'lore depend on BMTC to get around, and how many of them would even bother looking it up here. i for one, tried to depend on it and was pigheaded enough to look it up here :p


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  2. :-) And I didn't know they had a site, to begin with!

    I vaguely remember catching buses to whitefield from the hebbal could try...if the 500s are still plying...

  3. you've made the move! BMTC website...! btw didnt know best had a route search site...will pug in asap!!!

  4. I couldn't agree more... I found the site and thought it was the best thing that could happen to me :) only to find that I had to travel in the opposite direction for half the original distance to change buses!!

  5. Nice one i liked the idea of reaching in time for lunch.I cant stop laughing. I hardly laughed watching POGO but this line of yours has made me go crazy.Good one.Nice to know about blore.