Sunday, February 19, 2006


this one thing not only humours me, it sets aglow lot of thinking bulbs.

yeah, its about the silver jubilee celebrations. i have nothing against the foundation or ravi shankar. i merely question the event. so if some bloke wishes to start a charade of blogspace-dirty-linen-washing, please spare me the bandwidth.

firstly, i was amazed doordarshan actually changed its regular show timings for a live telecast of the whole program! someone please lemme know the trps for this. coming to the way the entire program was compered. one announcement in english followed by another in kannada. i believe that this foundation is a global one, so by set theory, holds a whole lot of indians too. i dont know how many indians can speak english, let alone kannada. why didnt they try hindi & english!? i spotted a bus from ahmedabad head towards jakkur. would like to know how many of them understood either versions!

wouldn't even want to comment on how or why, what a 3800 strong menagerie of musicians conjoured up can be called a "symphony". my sense of music is not impaired.

found a whole army of popular individuals, people who on various occassions have been referred to as spiritual gurus, godmen, politicians, celebrities, statesmen, etc. dont know if they were invited or they too got themselves that all-important pass. what was the big idea in calling them on stage anyway!? all they did was talk about ravi shankar and er... world peace :p

that brings me to the whole raison-de-etré of this exercise. was it for the foundation to blow its own trumpet? or call the world there & make them blow it for them!? leaves me with a lingering thought. why were there praises for him more than the concept? or was all this just to eulogise him or the foundation? a case of large scale self-advertising perhaps?


  1. 3800 musicians?! cacophony!

    the english-kannada routine is something we've come to live with...questioned it eons ago, but no more.

    Loved your choice of words and phrases :D prominent 'wooster-chaaap' all over :)

  2. 3800 musicians...whoa!!
    and yeah...the man seems to be infinitely more popular/made to be popular than his preachings....your fave channel - NDTV also devoted an hour to him that day...:-D