Friday, September 30, 2005

office conversations

something that transpired between the tech lead & me when i just came in last week. was trying to get my m/c moved to a new location (my prev location was taken while i was away)

TL: has your m/c been moved to the new place?
me: nope. spoke to IMG (our office help junta) they said it would not be done till 3pm as there were no assistants around
TL: why till 3pm!?
me: 'cos its rahu kalam till 3pm. its not auspicious to move the machine during that time. might create problems in the proj later.
TL: aiyyo! but today is thursday... rahu kalam starts at 5pm!
me: (speechless)

was explaining to a colleague how the iTrip works

me: its a small FM transmitter, an add-on that transmits the iPod output at an FM frequency.
bloke: what does that do?
me: (i suppose radio transmission was not enough. it was made to accomplish bigger things in life) any FM receiver in the vicinity of 5-6ft can receive whatever the iPod transmits
bloke: so that requires bluetooth right?
me: (speechless)


  1. Hey, your tech lead pulled a fast one on you! What rubbish! Rahu Kalam begins typically between 1:30 - 3:00 pm Thursdays! ;-pp Remind me to teach you the next time how you can easily call this sort of bluff! So that you don't have to be left speechless - methinks, it's been happening far too often with you lately!!! ;-pp

  2. now that you mention it, maybe she said till 5pm :p

    as for being speechless, being made a scapegoat (the hapless bleating ba lamb kind) has had me s. and yes, my lips are sealed ;-)