Thursday, September 29, 2005

civic sense

always thought this city lacked sensitivity. all that concerns these people is their larger-than-the-world egos. was watching an ambulance desparately trying to wade its way thru traffic, sirens bellowing. not one wretched soul gave way. all they wanted to do was get past the signal before it turned red.



    and then people do THAT!!

    totally disgusts me...

  2. Reminds me of a joke on New York, drivers dont let a screaming ambulance pass through...sitting hunched on their wheels, they say, 'Serves you right...who asked you to hog on all that salamai and mayonnaise and chocolate donuts'?

  3. khyats: pity that blogger stepped into it. thought the number would've been noted & complained.

    pranav: :-) as expected from JS.

  4. i know exactly what u mean. It irritates the sh** out of ya.. have seen this happen n number of times in the city....