Saturday, May 14, 2005

big brother in your trash

Garbology is the study of refuse and trash. It is an academic discipline (a recent one for contemporary trash) ... thus proclaims wikipedia.

but can you ever imagine how much of an insight you provide the rest of the world, about yourself, with what you refuse to consume? it might provoke humour at first, but the paranoia is quite justified. read on... :-)

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  1. Duhh!! N here i was , thinking that the only sensible suffix to the word "Gar" was "field"!! GarBOLOGY....the study of trash! hmm...something never thought abt(or rather never knew abt)Interesting.

    Guess it reinforces the fact , that everything created or that exists on this planet or universe has some purpose to it. if not during its existance ...after it has perished!!

    (hey but y do i feel i have hit the wrong direction of the post meant something very different ???)