Thursday, March 24, 2005


For the uninitiated, this was my take on a thread on Ryze.

I say, considering the population of this World, and with faith in the concept of Probability; there is a soulmate for everyone. Come one, come all! Who knows, maybe more than one! Finders keepers!! But then Probability being what it is, what are one's chances of finding the above marked soulmate?

There are two thoughts that emerge from this.

One, the possibility of having more than one soulmate. I shall overlook the criteria of age (within reasonable tolerance limits of our own) for now - it makes our hunt that much easier. We all have what has commonly been written down as frequencies, wavelengths or (physics apart), vibes that we share with people we bump into. At times, so strong are these vibes that a mirror might give a more fuzzy image. A person who can see through you more than you can, who understands you more than you do. Would we call such a person a soulmate? Let us grant that. But what about the rest of the human race? Sure there's another specimen out there with a different set of fingerprints, but similar vibes, what do we do now? This poor soul, lonely until now, is out to indulge in bigamy!

Two (an offshoot of point one), the chances of finding one, were our needs to change through time. Just added to the complexity didn't I? (Are simleys allowed here? If not, FYI, I am smiling) We are humans and our needs keep changing. Since our hearts and minds are interlinked, their needs change too. A tug-of-war between the two might end up in a change of course somewhere down the line. What about the previously unearthed soulmate? Does it cease to hold throne and succumb to a new entity with vibes to match? A New and Improved Soulmate!?

I, with my weakness for binary options, reach two outcomes.

One, have multiple soulmates (if we are convinced about defining one) and vibe with all of them, simultaneously or individualy through the course of life. Two, scrap the whole idea, be with yourself and enjoy life the way it is.

My understanding may be flawed here, but I eagerly await comments.


  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Hi prads,
    Why arrive at just 2 outcomes? Why not redefine the whole funda and have more than one soulmate and live like u never needed one.
    Can't write the way u write but surely, I can be with 2 girls and still live all alone and enjoy life. hehehehe

  2. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Hi Prads,
    My first impression abt your write up:
    Yes there could be more than one soulmate, though, there are variations like emotional soulmate, intellectual, values wise etc..
    But I dont know how it wud be if you or the other person "changes" and the person is not a soulmate anymore!!? If that is so then was that person your soulmate in the first place? or were you like 2 ppl sharing the same train journey (may be for a day) and wanting to have a relation only for that day..
    A soulmate should be when you meet a person after months or years and still carry on a thread of conversation as if you were discussing it yesterday.

  3. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Interesting conversation. But to add a dash of philosophy, here is my take..
    According, to Greek mythology, the first human being to inhabit the earth had two bodies, one of a male and of a female bound together. This made the being much stronger, powerful and complete. The Gods envied this being, and to break his strength cut him in two parts. And thats how, two separate entities of the same kind were born. And every man/ woman is thus in search of that entity which is of his/her own matter and makes him/her complete.

    With time men and women have bonded with others through what you may call liking, loving, and such other names, but the strength that the original bond reckons is missing and one may still sulk in the lonliness inspite of having met someone.

    This is what according to me what a soul mate is, a force that makes you complete in a way that you are at peace with your self. And like Anonymous 2 said, it will be that one person you will meet again and again no matter what.

  4. Nice pieces this one is..i blogged about it as well i recollect.Soul connections are many..we feel connected,a source of energy(i dont know if it can be called a spark) with a person,a bonding difficult to define in simple words and a relationship that few understand.
    what are our chances??that depends on the Universe and destiny as well:)

  5. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Soulful rendition on soulmate!! i guess she'll not be an apparition rising out of your imagination nor can you formulate her through soulsearching or otherwise, i guess she'll be somebody who'll bestow eternity on you.........tereko hoton se chhuke amar kar degi