Sunday, February 06, 2005

ergonomics revisited - I

my first trip out of india and first into US. the famed land of opportunity, as most would call it. first impressions are not to be taken at face value, so i took time for the transition to sink in.

like elsewhere, people strive hard to make life simple. how ironic! you work hard so that you can be lazy! only here, they go overboard. reflected in an ad here where the boss tells his sub, "hey! we've got an Easy button to do that for us!"

its good to have a procedure for everything. everything is systematized, so right down to the T, i wonder how people would handle were the system to fail or if protocol is broken. would they know that if the automatic boarding pass ripper fails they need to tear it themselves and enter the seat info? i guess thats where one picks the phone and dials 911.

ok. i am being harsh here. is there a limit to which one 'simplifies' things? you design a handy "do-it-all" gizmo with a zillion possibilities. make it life's Easy button and hand it over with a carton load of papers as intruction manual. sure! life is so much simpler now! but in the same breath one needs to look at the sheer attention to detail given here. almost always, everything is taken care of. there should be no room left for doubt or misinformation. one ought to truly appreciate that, and probably learn from it. this is where we go to extreme limits. we end up learning more than thats needed, without applying thought.

more on this...

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