Friday, September 05, 2008

next gen

what image would you build in your mind when you think about people like mamooty or dr. m. balamurali krishna? veterans? from the times before you made it to diapers?

well, exactly my thoughts and beats me to no end when i see hoardings with them on south indian bank ads that says "experience next generation banking"

is it a case of misplaced perceptions or their attempt to prove a point with reverse psychology?


  1. well, it could be that these veterans are still able to "experience" the "next generation"....u mammootty still playing the college kid....

    or it could be just a warning...if you don't get anyone better, this is what your next generation is going to get....

  2. mebbe its just because they'll probably know the difference from their times.( considering most of these banks changed their banking styles only in the last three four years)

  3. hey! Mamooty and balamurali krishna... the likes of them never age... they will still look the same long after you've lost all your grey hair too... :P

  4. interesting thought but I reckon (atleast by Bala Murali Krishna)their classical touch will keep them still refreshed.. no body present or past generation would crib about lalkudi..