Wednesday, January 23, 2008

things we do for love

feral instincts anyone? this had me rather amused :) note the "culture" part


  1. !!!
    *weird* doesnt cut it..

    and i like your caption...i couldnt be so non-judgemental :)

  2. non-judgemental? i wouldnt know, but sure would like to have been there to see them that way...

    there is a world and there is a world!

  3. Eeeks... something wrong wt that couple.....

    heyyy code...howdy doody???

  4. now this takes the phrase all is fair in love to dizzying heights. or should I say that this takes dog is a man's best friend to another extreme. maybe the girl is simple lazy and looking for an easy way to feed off someone literally!