Wednesday, June 13, 2007

is it news?

wonder what makes for a good news article... factual reporting, objective analysis, and something more i would guess but how about relevance to the topic? WoM tells me The Hindu is pretty good when it comes to such things. but a recent article kinda places the opinion under doubt...

this is about employees of 'Indian' going on a flash strike and one of the unfortunate passengers was a gal from the south who was being refused an alternate accommodation. agreed that it is not fair on the part of the airline to treat anyone that way, but reporter goes on to add that she "finds it difficult to converse in Hindi." now how does that matter here!? does it make her case any more pitiable? what is the reporter trying to express anyway?


  1. totally agree with you on that, but thats now how most down south feel..

    that my dear wooster is the problem!

  2. I'd put it as 'no one in Delhi speaks english' which makes the girl's situation more pitiable :)

  3. @seets: yup... was half expecting them to say "but they dont speak Tamil!!" :P (cant help the prejudice!)

    @raaga: you mean even the airline staff!? wow! how do they deal with international travellers? sign language/interpreters? :)

  4. Well, English had ALWAYS been our language in India, be it for ishtyle or to prove our status symbol. So why not speak in English with the "poor girl"


    P.S Thank you for stopping by my blog. :D

  5. actually, its Hindi thats been the language in India (despite Brit influence) - and interestingly, the Rashtra Bhasha programme (once HQed in Chennai) had far superior standards to those across India. it is anyway common knowledge why popularity of the language gradually went south (pardon the pun) over time :)

    that however, is besides the point am trying to make here... the news piece was supposed to focus on the flash strike & the adaucity of govt employees' disregard for their responsibility. the journalist ought to make an objective report of that - if passengers are inconvenienced, say so - not try pull a regional string.

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  7. oh,well,such reporters give us good entertainment.. thats all.. she aint making any sense.. and am sure she knows it....

    cant speak hindi
    cant speak tamil..
    does it matter???? shucks.... :D