Wednesday, January 03, 2007

its the fear... yeah!

reminded of psmith at times like these... should i rate this as unusual? maybe yes. improbable? certainly not! :)

v and i making our way back from office, wait for the lifts in the tube station... and i hear some chatter around us. the tone and words being repetitive in nature draw my attention to its source... am still looking for words to describe what they were. am sure v is just as much at a loss! yes, she was blurting 'i love you' to v... does catch us off guard to say the least! we feel it prudent to remain silent spectators to the entire affair...

they were two of them, both packed with make-up... frail attempts at hiding nature's malady... feminine looking nevertheless... and it was not their hair or their dress that brought me to this gender conclusion... a fair display led me to believe so (no pun intended!). lets call these two (the persons silly!) s1 and s2...

s1: (looking at v) i love you... i really love you...

me looking totally doe eyed... first at her... as the zipper traverses its teeth to & fro and finally at her

s2: (to s1) they are scared... (more zipper movement)
s1: come on! its ok to smile!
s2: no they are angry! they are angry at us...
s1: come on! there's nothing to be angry... surely you can smile!

mind you i was pretty much tempted to smile if only i had managed to go beyond awe (and what lay behind the zipper)...

s1: they do not understand english... thats why they are not smiling! (i really liked her depth of understanding here - no pun again!!)
s2: of course they can understand english... they are in england! (hmmm... this one's logic was stronger)

but our stoic silence and ignorance seemed to convince them that we really didnt understand english! for the rest of the public these two seemed to not exist at all, but for the mother pulling her child away from them... (un)fortunately the lift journey ended, we saw the last of them and out we were on our way home... mulling over the recent incident (and thinking aloud if they accepted cards...) had heard enough about the youth of this land... saw it first hand today :)

the curious few here would wonder why we didnt take our chances... v's outlook held a lot of truth... fear of aids is the global guiding force!

the trash heap has spoken... yeah!!


  1. my suggestion, find a girl... friend and get her to escort u at all times... thats the only way to safety.......
    and u know, our ammaland is no better.... a college bus full of girls from a madurai institute would have abducted shata from right in front of swati and me... :O and my my! our eardrums just rattled with the intensity of the kiss one of them blew towards him... it was pretty scary... couldnt imagine fighting them all... the scene from matrix reloaded crosses my mind... u know when neo is fighting a million mr.smiths

  2. safety!? who is talking about that here!? and who would want to fight if swarmed by a bunch of them fair bees? :p

  3. Hello Bertie! Wishing you an Ecstatic 2007!:)
    How have you been and are you having a great time in one of my fav cities in the world then?

  4. haha, yeah the guiding force:-D
    cheers to a safer world!

  5. Whoa! just the fear of AIDS huh?

  6. I'd have thought its a lot else than just the fear of AIDS... what about being a litle picky?

  7. what do you want to be picky about!? i say, they held a lot of promise! :p

    it really is the fear...

  8. haha...emmmm...have you seen that brit comedy (I forget its name) which had one episode: 'the limpy man cometh'...a lot of it is from fear.

    So London has been happening, aye!