Thursday, November 23, 2006


Naa Peru Bond... James Bond (My name is Bond, James Bond)

yup, good 'ol double-o-seven gets the vernacular tongue :) personally i couldnt care less about the tongue he speaks... what tickles the funny bone is how these news channels target it...

casino royale hits theatres in andhra dubbed in telugu (well before the english version makes its way there)... so our news reporter gets first hand reviews from our telugu speaking fraternity as they step out of movie halls. the audience is only too glad to pitch in and tell us how good it is to hear bondgaru... ironically, audience responds in er... english :)


  1. ouch! I can soo imagine the movie! the last dubbed thingy i watched was Jurrasic Park, ages ago...'bhaago, dino-sours aa rahe hain'...didn't click with me :P

    hehe, the irony, audience in english :P

  2. he he heee :) and imagine how the chinese must be feeling with all their martial arts movies being dubbed into different languages :)

    but this english-hindi translation takes the cake... "oh f***!" became "hey bhagwan!" in some flick :p