Sunday, October 01, 2006


you try not to notice these things... but its difficult...

1. no matter who you are... if you look anything close to an indian, a gujju will always talk to you in gujarati. you may respond in anything but gujarati, but it doesnt matter. you get more questions in gujarati. switch to guestures. only to realize how pathetic you are in dumb-sharades. you are now facing a barage of questions in gujju...

2. business centre at singapore airport transit lounge i try to kill precious time. and the type of links i find in IE history... granted some poor bloke must be one helluva die hard fan, but this one's a killer.! now here's one desparate suitor who wants to make best his/her transit time!!


  1. :)) 1. was hilarious, havnt observed it myself, but hope to :)

    2. what are you doing in Sing? well have fun :)

  2. No matter where I one talks me me...they just stare speechlessly...and I wonder if its a bad thing or!
    It was great dropping by your blog after ages!:)))))))))