Saturday, April 22, 2006

mod god

neighbourhood Annamma* temple devotees are demonstrating their love, respect, devoution, you know... the works. the temple it seems, isnt enough, so they bring it out onto the streets. which means closing the road for traffic, rerouting buses, etc. geez! you actually use the bus!? you can do without it for a day. awww... come on now! stop cribbing.

the lanes, by-lanes and just about any path that leads to that place sports loudspeakers. you really need to pump up the volume. after all, heaven is way up there & the gods are a bit hard of hearing. saar, its all part of the festivities saar! reminiscent of the days in mumbai when prayers to Ganesha included "tu cheez badi hai mast"... guess the slokas, mantras & bhajans could get a bit monotonous eh? the gods need some entertainment too. yo baby!

but gulshan kumar came to the rescue pretty early in the scene and a local influence is not far away. a kannada rendition on the tune of "babuji zara dheere chalo" is the perfect crowd puller. did somebody say belief and devotion was all that one need to have? dude! get a life!

noise pollution is it? call the 'for-your-service-and-protection' police station and here's what you get... "saar, protest against this, you for sure would get beaten up, even we wouldnt be spared! forget it saar..." i am all for the hafta system now.

gen-prev raised a toast when bangalore clamped the 11:30pm deadline on pubs & discs.... he he heee.... what goes around, comes around :) praise the lord! cheers :)

* an incarnation of Devi


  1. "geez! you actually use the bus!"

    How many times have I heard that comment before? I know this has almost nothing to do with the rest of your blog, but almost everyone I meet looks at me with such disdain when I say, "I took the bus today" or ask, "Which bus would take me from SHivajinagar to Koramangala?"

  2. try that on the bmtc site... it sends you on a wild goose chase :p

  3. Aww shucks, poor BMTC :P I still intend to use the bus when I get home :p

    Ooh and I've done my share of ranting each time the neighbourhood chanting began. Not a very nice thing to do, but when you have holy smoke drifting into your brain, despite closed windows...literally! I come down to an eye for an eye :P My poor neighboors!

  4. lol@the kannada version of babuji zara dheere chalo
    hehe nice post