Monday, January 23, 2006

whale sightings

was reading this piece in a daily. whale swam into the Thames and poor thing died as rescuers were trying to take it back into the sea. it seems it was the first time a whale made its way there since someone started documenting whale sightings in the Thames way back in 1913. i don't get this. is it that every year people just fill in a sheet saying "no whale sighted in the Thames this year"...!? is it something one ought to expect to find there but shoot! not there!


  1. Your post made me laugh! I can just imagine someone standing in an anorak by the Thames with a clipboard looking cold and fed up.

  2. Funny blog!!
    keep up this sense of tumour :)
    Hey ...u'v just been tagged btw. Visit my blog 4 further details

  3. I'd signed one of those once;-))))))))))

  4. hahaha!!!

    poor whale though...pity that she had to die...couldnt she have been trussed to a boat and taken into deeper waters?