Monday, December 05, 2005

NDTV again....

this has the classic NDTV signature all over it! looks like they get trained to come out with er… ‘NDTVisms’!? :)

reporter covers a train accident (did not note where). she goes something like ‘lineman has been taken up for questioning on account of negligence. lie detector tests from forensic department conclude that he’s lying. results of the test are not made public’.

huh!? is a lie detector supposed to tell you something beyond that!?


  1. prowe2:57 AM

    he may have lied that he caused the accident or something...

  2. that would still be out of the perview of the test.... a lie detector would only tell you if he's lying or not based on the qts you throw at him :)

    and anyways, if the authorities think he was negligent - would he lie about causing the accident?

  3. lol!! Classic one, this!

  4. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Maybe they lied about the lie detector and they are looking for their own truth somewhereout there !