Monday, November 14, 2005

lessons in probability

during one of my trips to bangalore, hailed a rick to get back home. normal affair that, but was only too pleased to find a rick-chap who agreed to go my way. got in with great gusto only to have something hit my head. hard. distinctly remember a cracking sound. looked around to find a lamp that was inches short of being called a chandelier. ‘thoda hallu chado saab! dekh ke! chot laga so?’ yeah sure… its just everyday that you find ricks with ceiling lamps.

‘You have confused the unusual and the impossible’ – Psmith. (Mike and Psmith, P G Wodehouse)


  1. Hey I have been reading your blogs for a while without commenting. This one I had to. A chandelier style lamp in a rick ! Too much ! All I could think of while reading this was "Ouch".

  2. hi pradeep
    havent been blogging a lot huh
    ill come check this out sometime
    thanks for stoppin by in mine.

  3. you sure it was a rick or a royal baggi....

  4. Thats some ricksha....hmm..quite a thought at the end of the blog...ricksha wala's are moving with the times...i guess

  5. dude..why is it that its u who get to see all the weird things in the world??

    i mean, im damn sure im not gonna come across a chandelier lit auto!!!

  6. thats the prob seets, had it been lit, there's a pretty good chance i would have seen it! :)

    kay - i ought to have taken that rick chap's autograph :) thnx for the comments!

    v - it was black & yellow and had a meter to it :p rick i guess!

    sameera - thnx for dropping by

    sushil - you actually blogroll me!? i AM flattered!! :) yes, the lamp's cracking sound still brings a ring in my ears :) not to mention my head taking the hit! :p

  7. Y?? Y U always??
    i totally agree with seets come its always u?!

    but i'm glad its we atleast get to have something new to read n laugh abt!
    lage raho....:P